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The Eurovision Song Contest - A chance for cohesion in crisis situations?

The Eurovision Song Contest has taken place every year since 1956 and brings together millions of people on site or live in front of the screens. The event is of particular importance in times of crisis and war: It brings people from different countries and cultures together and offers the opportunity to discover and celebrate common ground.

In recent years, the Eurovision Song Contest has shown how music can connect people around the world. Different languages and styles invite you to get to know completely new aspects of music. With this cultural diversity and tolerance, the Eurovision Song Contest not only scores with its diversity, but also overcomes many prejudices and stereotypes as a platform. In a time of crises and conflicts, the competition also makes a significant contribution to bringing people together and creating a sense of community in which no one is excluded. Languages and cultures are thus also brought into focus, which otherwise might never receive so much attention. The competition gives participants the opportunity to present their music and culture to a broad international audience and thus create more understanding and respect for the diversity of the world. In fact, the Eurovision Song Contest can be understood not only as a competition, but much more as a celebration of music and culture. And this festival makes a fundamental contribution to understanding different cultures and sees itself as unity between nations, which is essential in times of crisis and war.

Many successful musicians such as ABBA, Celine Dion and Lena Meyer Landrut were not only able to represent their country and their culture by participating in the ESC, but also got a start in the professional business of the music industry. Just like the competition itself, they champion European unity and use their opportunity to connect people with music and celebrate the continent's rich cultural heritage.

In summary, the Eurovision Song Contest is an event that has a lot to offer. It promotes cultural diversity, tolerance and unity between nations while providing a platform for emerging talent and established artists to showcase their music. In times of crisis and war, competition plays an important role because it helps bring people from different cultures together and promotes international understanding. We can look forward to the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in 2023 and the opportunities it will offer to celebrate music and culture from around the world.

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