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Bohdana Frolyak

Otche nash

Otche nash

Orthodox Lord's Prayer

Ukrainian Church Slavonic

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"Otche nash" is a choral piece (SATB) by the Ukrainian composer Bohdana Frolyak, based on the traditional prayer "Our Father". The music is characterized by its clear, harmonious melodies and emotional depth, which are carried by the powerful voice of the choir. A special feature of the piece is the integration of phonetic transcription in the sheet music, which enables the choir to sing the text even if they do not speak Ukrainian. This makes "Otche nash" an accessible and yet culturally authentic work for choirs from all over the world.
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    Enthalten neben Informationen zum Singen mit IPA im Ukrainischen einen allgemeinen kritischen Bericht und weiterführende Literatur.

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